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February 1, 2011: Another outage at my hosting company ( This time it appeared to affect much of their infrastructure. Outage was at least four or five hours ago now, but at time of writing, I've heard nothing from them.

April 4, 2010: A hardware failure at my hosting company ( This site was down for over two days. At time of writing, my email is still not up. I can't imagine why a professional hosting company would take so long.

November 14 2008: Pairs Example from the Book released. This is an application of pairs to make it easy to pass values to methods by name rather than position (making REALbasic code easier to read).

November 13 2008: Delegates examples from the Book released. Even if you don't get the Book, the examples should help clarify what Delegates are and how to use them.

November 11 2008: Excerpt about Events from the Book released. Also the Table of Contents

(WOOT) November 11 2008: Release of Real OOP with REALbasic. A beta version of the book is available at a discounted price for a limited time. Buy it now, get the final version when it's released, and tell me what you don't understand so I can fix it.

August 26, 2008: Release of Easy introspection, an example from our forthcoming book, REAL OOP with REALbasic.

February 14, 2007: Examples of Relevant Logic's work added.

August 25, 2006: Minor update to UndoFlattenEdit, so it compiles under Mach-O.

January 18, 2006: Release of UndoFlattenEdit, a REALbasic demonstration application, incorporating advanced Flatten/Serialization/Marshalling and Undo frameworks.

October 4, 2005: Launch of the new web site.

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